Feet Measuring Guide

Feet Measuring Guide

How to measure your feet

1.  Let us know your normal shoe size.

2. If you have problems with fitting please send us a foot plan. To do this, get a friend to draw around your feet using a slim biro type pen, whilst you are standing in your normal socks/tights, keeping the pencil vertical. You can't do this accurately yourself.

3. Put a tape measure under your foot at the widest point - from your big toe joint to
the little toe and read off the measurement on the top of your foot. This is the girth
measurement. Do this for each foot - they will probably be different. Mark any problem areas
such as hammer toes.

4. Choose your style, colour and shoe size (if selectiong two colours - note the main colour first).

5. For odd sizes tell us the size for left and right and remember to add £20.00 supplement.

6. For glue free shoes please rememebr to add £15.00 supplement (please staty any allergies you may have).

7. Enclose payment, including the appropriate postage and packaging fee.

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