We sometimes get Sale items which are either used in our photography, or occasionally have been returned by another customer. You get our usual quality with a bit of a discount!

These are not seconds!

Alder Shoes 3.5-4 £65.00

Annette Shoes 6.5-7 £70.00

Ash Sandals 3.5-4 £45.00

Asym Shoes £60.00

Bramble Boots Purple Ladies UK size 6.5-7 £90.00

Brook Sandals 3.5-4 £49.99

Christine Sandals 5.5-6 £49.99

Coin Purse with Two pockets £15.00

Cornwall Bag £85.00

Crossbody/shoulder bag with zip and magnetic catch £80.00

Dotty Purse £12.50

Holiday Shoes in Green Grasx4.5-5 Ladies UK £75.00

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